We came to know each other by doing businesses together in 2008 and quickly grew a respect for one another based on what we morally value and have maintained a relationship since that original meeting.  Entrepreneurial by heart, CAM-3 was established by Joshua Hullett, COO, Tom Beller, President, and Nicholas Hullett, CFO (pictured left to right.).  We all wanted to bring our passion and excitement to a business we could pass along our core values to and CAM-3 was established.  As we all have trading experience and have owned business’, we all came together to combine and share our skills into creating CAM-3 that would make a difference, contribute, while providing an environment that would be long lasting and fun.

Mission Statement

To build an international company that brings our excitement, experience, and passion to the industry that employs people with the same common principles of integrity, honesty, and passion for services that will make it easy for people to invest, trade, speculate, and learn safely.

Our excitement and passion stems to establish a company where the work that we do will help make the future a better place by helping our clients and team make understanding digital assets easy, while providing a transparent execution and service of trust and safety in everything we do.