Privacy Policy

It is the policy of Crypto Asset Management LLC to maintain confidentiality of all customer information.
CAM-3 collects specific information from clients, pursuant to NFA rule 2.30. This information includes
name, address, birthdate, net worth, occupation, and investment experience, among other things. Client
information may only be shared with firm affiliates, a client’s broker, FCM, MSB, certain regulators, and
parties for which we are legally compelled to provide such information. Limited customer information
may be shared with non-affiliated third party service providers, such as providing monthly statements to
our accountant so they may compute performance. All such service providers are required to maintain
confidentiality of client information.
The only employees having access to client information are those that require such access as part of their
job duties. Employees with access to client information are forbidden to disclose such information to
unauthorized third parties, and shall hold client information in strict confidence. Breaching this privacy
policy is cause for termination. Paper documents shall be kept in a secure (locked) area, and electronic
documents containing customer information shall be stored in password protected files or folders.
Disposal of paper documents containing customer information shall include shredding of such documents.
Crypto Asset Management LLC will provide clients with the firm’s privacy notice upon account opening,
and at least annually thereafter.